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Compelling Solar Sales Argument

The biggest hurdle to getting a solar sale is convincing the customer they're making a wise investment. Your customers will find endorsement from an independent expert to be impressive, believable, and trustworthy. End result: more sales, greater profitability.

Simple Operation, Superb Outcome

Financial evaluation of a PV system truly is complex. If done wrong, you could mislead your customers, ruining your reputation. PVsell makes light work of the complexities, incorporating performance calculations, price escalation, real-world export calculations, degradation, and much more. We simplify this for you and your customer with an easy-to-understand solar value proposition.

Commercial PV Ready

Selling commercial PV relies a lot on proving the financials. But electricity pricing is much more complex in the commercial arena. You can specify Time-of-Use tariffs, demand charges, electricity demand profiles, and PVsell works everything out for you. Yes, it can handle residential PV with ease - every feed-in tariff is also built in, as are typical residential demand profiles.

Expertise at Your Fingertips

PVsell was created by an expert solar consultant who

  • has been modelling PV system financials for governments, businesses, and solar companies for the greater part of a decade
  • has studied Economics within his Masters Degree in Renewable Energy
  • AuSES gave its 2011Industry Award

PVsell comes built-in with all this Australian solar expertise.

How we can help What we offer

  • Increase PV Sales
  • PV $$$ Made Easy
  • Commercial-Ready
  • Expertise Inside

From $650/year + GST, PVsell pays for itself in a single sale!

What PVsell Offers

Unlocks Commercial Opportunities

Makes Your Job Easy

Converts More Sales

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How PVsell Improves Business for PV Retailers

Compelling sales pitches

Optimal decisions

Simplifies complexity

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How PVsell Delivers

Believability Builds Trust

Engagement Creates Ownership

Results Converts Sales

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About PVsell

PVsell software is produced by SunWiz, Australia’s leading solar consultancy. The software was developed for in-house use by SunWiz as part of our service providing independent financial evaluation. Due to frequent requests, we released the software to the market in 2009, and in 2012 moved online. PVSell has been purchased by over 90 Australian PV companies, and has been personally tested by SunWiz on over 200 system financial evaluations.

Our users mostly use PVsell to convince residential and small-commercial customers of the financial merits of PV. But PVsell has also been used to convince local government to install 10-30kW systems, all the way through to multi-megawatt systems at mining operations. PVsell has been incorporated into modelling work done for the Australian Energy Market Operator, and has been customised for use by three large PV retailers.

PVsell was designed by Warwick Johnston, who studied Energy Economics as part of his Masters in Renewable Energy. Warwick holds full CEC-accreditation for PV system Design and Supervise, and has won three CEC awards and one Ecogen award for best solar power system.

To learn more about SunWiz, visit www.sunwiz.com.au.

  1. “I love using PV Sell!!! It is such a great tool and gives me confidence in making promises to customers and credibility to the method in which I advise them so I am very happy” – Ben Lovell, Living Energy Solutions
  2. "I don’t know what you did,  but for me PVSell is now faster than ever before. Confirmed a sale of a 90kWp system on a University College this week on the back of PV Sell analysis!" - Geoff Bragg - SEIA NSW Chair and New England Solar Power
  3. "I'd just like to express my thanks and deep respect for you and what you do. You are an invaluable asset to the entire industry" - Will, Victoria
  4. "I would just like to say a big thank you for a really informative and stimulating presentation and discussion.  This was really well received by our group and I am sure will continue to stimulate much discussion" - Jenni Harrison, Planet Power

SolarROI by SunWiz

Rather than DIY with PVsell, if you would like to have SunWiz create a professional solar financial analysis proposal for you, please see our SolarROI service.